Why Grace Atelier Weddings Exists.

Welcome to Grace Atelier Weddings, the heart and soul of my own wedding journey. When

I started planning my wedding in 2016, I experienced what most brides have and will go


Faced with a time-constraint of completing my checklist, I revered the personal touch many

bridal studios lacked severely. Five dresses are all we have, before making a final decision.

Consultants give little to no expertise on trends and the entire process was missing a sense

of discovery. Now that we have found The One, we rush to find The One Dress.

Every single bride is unique, and I believe on our special day, we should be an elevated

version of ourselves. At Grace Atelier Weddings, our team of trained stylists pride ourselves

on discovering your perfect fit. We make recommendation based on your body shape and

style, with your comfort in mind. Above all, your dress should be a reflection of your


As head stylist, I curate each brand of bridal gowns personally, where each designer brings

their style and local cultures into these dresses. Rest assured, you’ll find your most-suited

dress from brands represented by eight different countries.

To deliver the personal touch, each appointment at our studio caters to one bride at any

time. This allows us to give you our devoted attention while keeping this experience unique

and intimate. We also organize trunk shows regularly for our new and current brides so you

can explore more options. These extra touch-and-feel sessions give you more time for you

to find your perfect dress.

"Grace"; represents unconditional love, while "Atelier"; means workshop in French. At our

cosy workshop, we work closely with couples to discover their unconditional love as the first

step to marital life.

To start your wedding journey today at Grace Atelier Weddings, join us at our studio for

your exclusive consultation.

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